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Records Request 

Citizens may request a copy of an accident report by selecting the image below to access your report.


Criminal reports may only be released to persons who are involved in the case. 


The Records Division cannot release reports that are currently in the process of prosecution. To obtain a copy of reports actively in the prosecution phase you must contact the District Attorney's Office (or the Juvenile Probation Office if the case involves a juvenile). Requests for coroner reports will be submitted to the Special Investigation Commander for approval, prior to release.  

To request report fill out the form below. Then, visit the  Lyon County Sheriff's Office or a substation near you with your photo ID. There is a $5 fee for records. Photographs are also available upon request with an additional $5 fee. You can reach the Records Division at (775) 463-6600, fax (775) 463-7141.


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Records Request Form

Lyon County Sheriffs Office Badge

Your Records Request has been submitted. 

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