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Junior Deputy Program

 The purpose of the program will be to prepare young adults for a career in Law Enforcement. It teaches accountability, perseverance, and confidence, which are tools to make a person successful in almost any aspect of life. It also provides an insight into the camaraderie and brotherhood of law enforcement and allows the junior deputies to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Our School Resource Officers will distribute program applications at their assigned schools and act as advisors for the program.
Below is information about the Junior Deputy Program, available for ages 14-20:

  • Meetings will be held bi-weekly at the substations or other venues and will last 2.5 hours. An annual meeting of all of the Junior Deputy groups will be held for the squads to network and compete in inter-squad competitions.  The annual meeting will be an all-day event.  

  • The Junior Deputy program will be taught in an “academy style” format with lessons on basic police functions and events.   Members from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding agencies will teach the Junior Deputies.   Junior Deputies will learn LYSO codes, criminal definitions, and other information necessary for success during the hiring process and beyond.

  •  New Junior Deputies will be accepted twice a year, in April and October.

  • Junior Deputies will be required to wear a uniform and modified duty belt unique to our Junior Deputy program.  Uniform inspections will be conducted at every meeting.

  • Junior Deputies have the potential to receive school credits for attending the program

  • Junior Deputies will be required to complete eight hours of community service per calendar month.  Volunteer experience can set you apart from other applicants for job and school applications. By volunteering, recruiters will see that you are ambitious and that you care about your community.

  • Junior Deputies will learn responsibility for themselves and others through leadership opportunities.

  • Exercise is beneficial to a teen's overall health and helps develop life-long fitness habits. Our physical fitness standards are established to prepare you for success during the testing process.

  • The Junior Deputy program will help prepare youth to deal with life’s challenges. With good mental health, you are more likely to develop in positive ways, build strong relationships, and adapt to change. 

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