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Investigations Division

"The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department rocks! [They have] one of the best [homicide] clearance records in the nation!"

- Thomas Hargrove

Founder & Chairman of

The Major Crimes Division exists to provide support for the Patrol Division by assisting with or taking over criminal investigations that go beyond the investigative capabilities of the Patrol Division.


The Major Crimes Division is comprised of several teams of investigators, including the detective division, the SIU vice squad, and the K9 unit. 


Additionally, the Investigations Division operates the UAV drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for crime scene photography and the search for missing persons.


All members of these investigative teams were selected for their skills and abilities, and they each possess years of specific training and experience in their respective fields of expertise. 



Major Crimes

The detective division is responsible for investigating major crimes including sexual assaults, armed robberies, homicides, and unsolved murders

Special Investigations Unit


Special Investigations Unit

SIU is responsible for investigating street crimes such as gang activity and narcotics sales.  



 Dog Handlers

The K9 unit is responsible for drug interdiction, the safe recovery of missing persons, and effecting the arrest of dangerous, combative individuals. 

The Investigations Division is committed to the relentless pursuit of justice for victims and their families, and all three teams regularly work together to accomplish this goal.

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