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The Records Division of the Lyon County Sheriff's Office plays a crucial role in maintaining records generated by the Sheriff's Office. The division is responsible for various tasks such as encoding crime reports that are filed, categorizing traffic and non-custody citations, and disseminating criminal justice information to relevant authorities like the Courts, District Attorney's Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 


Moreover, the Records Division is also in charge of storing and maintaining records such as criminal reports, criminal histories, jail booking information, identification files, and brothel work cards. The division is responsible for the correct dissemination of these records while ensuring their safekeeping.

Citizens may request a copy of a report through our Records Request Form 


The Records Division cannot release reports that are currently in the process of prosecution. To obtain a copy of reports actively in the prosecution phase you must contact the District Attorney's Office (or the Juvenile Probation Office if the case involves a juvenile).

You can reach the Records Division at (775) 463-6600, fax (775) 463-7141.


The Civil Division of the Lyon County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the following: 

  • Substation administration
  • Granting business licenses
  • Issuing brothel work cards
  • Issuing Concealed Weapons Permits  
  • Mutual aid agreements and memorandums of understanding with other agencies
  • Process of court orders/civil documents
  • Billing and collection of all fees
  • Grant billing and reporting

You can reach the Civil Division at (775) 463-6600.

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