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The current Lyon County Justice Complex was built in Yerington in 2012. The jail is staffed by sworn and non-sworn personnel. Jail staff is responsible for the care, housing, and safety of both those who are housed within its walls as well as those who are employed there.


Additionally, jail staff is responsible for the transportation of detainees to and from seven different courts of jurisdiction within Lyon County.

Sheriff's Office and Jail - Yerington


If you are the victim of a crime you have the right to be notified of an inmate's release. To set up notifications, visit or call 1-888-286-8463.


Cash bail will be accepted at the jail (exact change only). 
The jail does not accept credit/debit cards, but you can use debit/credit cards through a bail bondsman or by visiting (applicable fees are collected by the vendor, not Lyon County). 
The Lyon County Sheriff's Office remains neutral in regards to your selection of bail bonds companies, and because of this, we will not recommend (nor provide information about) any bail bonds companies. 


If the inmate you wish to visit is currently housed in our booking area, you will not be able to facilitate a visitation with the inmate at that time.


Inmates are permitted only one visit per day, with each visit limited to 15 minutes in duration.


Visitors must be 18 years old. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 


Maximum of 2 people may visit an inmate at one time. 

Inmate visitations are conducted via a video visitation system provided by Securus Technologies (no contact visits).

All visits are scheduled here through Securus, and must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Video conferencing with an inmate through the web based Securus system can occur seven days a week, however, visitations taking place at the Sheriff's Office can only be done Mondays through Thursdays (between 8AM and 4PM).

With the exception of prescription medications in the original prescription bottle in the name of the inmate, no other property will be accepted by the jail staff during the visitation. 


The LCSO jail reserves the right to suspend or cancel a visitation at any time if the needs of jail operations warrant it.  


You can email or text an inmate (fees apply) by clicking here
You can write to an inmate at the following address:
[Inmate Name]
c/o  Lyon County Jail
911 Harvey Way
Yerington NV 89447
A full return address including first and last name of the sender is required.
All incoming and outgoing mail is checked by jail staff for content and contraband.
The Lyon County Jail only accepts postcards for written correspondence into and out of the jail.
With the exception of legal mail or mail from a recognized government agency, we do not accept mail in envelopes. Included in this envelope prohibition are greeting cards (e.g. birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, etc.).
Postcards will be accepted under the following conditions only:
  • Postcards must be professionally manufactured (not home made) and are limited to a maximum of 4.25x6 inches
  • Postcards must not contain drawings, nudity, explicit content, or references to weapons or gangs
  • Postcards must not contain glue, glitter, tape, stickers, watermarks, stains, embossing, or any other foreign substances
  • Postcards must not be written in paint, crayon, or marker
  • No picture post cards
You can email or text an inmate (fees apply) by clicking here
Magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and books may only be sent to an inmate directly from the distributor of those materials (e.g. Nevada Appeal, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.). These materials, however, must not violate postal regulations, must not contain contraband, must not contain pictures of nudity, pornography, or indecency, and must not advocate such things as injuring or killing law enforcement, nor jail disorder or escape. 


In order to add money to an inmate's account you must know the inmate's name number which you can obtain from either the inmate or by calling the jail at (775) 463-6615. The following options are available to be able to add money to an inmate's account:

  • By Internet:

  • In person: visit the kiosk in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office in Yerington

Note: Applicable fees are collected by the vendor, not the Lyon County Jail​.

Sheriff's Office at night
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