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The Lyon County Sheriff's Office remains committed to selecting only the best applicants to join our team.

Wages & Benefits

Starting salary $50,812 to $61,910 Shift Differential pay of $2.00/hour for working between the hours of 1800 and 0600 Educational Incentive Pay of $250.00 per year for Intermediate POST certificate, $500 per year for Advanced POST certificate, $600 per year for Supervisory POST certificate, and $750 per year for Management POST certificate $250.00 annual bonus for passing Nevada POST Physical Fitness Evaluation for Category 1 and 3 Certificates Employees earn 40 hours of Annual Leave in the first year of employment. Years 2 through 5, the employee earns 10 hours per month, and years 6 and beyond, the employee earns 14 hours of annual leave per month Each employee earns 10 hours of sick leave per month with a cap of 1,250 hours Health insurance for the employee with 50% of dependent health insurance paid by Lyon County $50,000 life insurance policy paid for by Lyon County Uniform allowance of $2,000 per year Department-issued ballistic vest


Be at least 21 years of age by the day of the written examination. U.S. citizen by the day of the written examination. Have a valid Nevada driver’s license by hire date. Possess a high school diploma or G.E.D. by the day of the written examination. Have no conviction for any felony crimes, or a crime for which you would be required to register per Nevada Law. Have no convictions of any crime involving domestic violence or domestic assault.


Written Exam Must pass with a 70% or higher. 50 point essay question. Must pass with a 70% or higher. Physical Agility Nevada P.O.S.T. Academy Graduate Standards: Height by vertical jump: 14 inches Agility Run: 19.5 seconds Number of sit-ups in one minute: 30 Number of push-ups (no time limit): 23 300 Meter run: 68 seconds 1.5-mile run/walk: 16:57 minutes/seconds Johnson & Roberts Psychological Examination Preliminary Computer Voice Stress Analysis. Oral Interview Background Investigation The applicant will be required to complete a Personal History Statement as well as provide the department with certified copies of: Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Divorce Documents High School and College Transcripts Military DD-214 Proof of Selective Service Enrollment Proof of Vehicle Insurance DMV Driving Record

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